Thursday, August 30, 2007

Broadband And The Way It Works

Most people are not aware of what the term broadband really means. Even if this is a word we keep hearing every day, we may not have a clear understanding of how broadband works. This is not at all a shameful thing, as even the technology industry has trouble trying to define it clearly. The definition the online dictionaries provide us with is that broadband is a class of communication channel capable of supporting a wide range of frequencies, typically from audio up to video frequencies. A broadband channel can carry multiple signals by dividing the total capacity into multiple, independent bandwidth channels, where each channel operates only on a specific range of frequencies. Got it yet?

Well, these definitions can be rather confusing sometimes, but once we have analyzed every part of it, you will surely make a good picture of how broadband really works.Broadband is not like the normal class of communication channel that we usually use, that is our regular phone lines. A regular, base band phone line can carry up to 56kbps of data with the help of a high-speed modem, but without additional technology, that is its maximum capacity. However, with the increasing popularity of the internet, people began to demand faster data transmission.If the base band line has one channel to send information, you can imagine a broadband line as having multiple channels that you can use at the same time. Furthermore, a broadband connection is capable of carrying a wider range and type of frequencies, meaning different types of data. It can also do it faster!

If you can imagine your connection to the internet as being a tunnel, that links your computer to the internet, you will clearly see that a broadband is a wider tunnel. It will allow a larger amount of information to go through your connection at the same time. The breadth of this tunnel is called bandwidth. With this broadband service, you can also download files such as audio and video files.Another advantage of the broadband services is the fact that they can also compress and transmit data.You will get more out of the bandwidth that you have. Broadband makes your internet experience faster. Therefore, broadband technology can widen the existing channels, not to speak about using them more efficiently! Isn�t this what each and every one of us is looking for in any internet connection?

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